Quote of the Day

April 9, 2010

“I think every publisher in the world should sit down once a day and pray to thank Steve Jobs that he is saving the publishing industry with that [the iPad].”

Mathias Dopfner, Chairman & CEO, Axel Springer (publisher of newspapers) on Charlie Rose.

We have a dual significance here. First, is the idea that publishers are finally finding more sustainable business models for making content available digitally which means more content available and accessible.

Second, Stephen Downes (who visited our class this week via video conference), would say this is yet another example of content control by big business who impede free access.



3 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Cyndi said

    Lisa –

    Stephan Downes was an interesting speaker. He was right about learning taking place because I invited 3 friends who attended and just as he said we were talking about him, the experience, and what he had to say.

    I really don’t know what “free” is anymore. If instruction (or whatever) is delivered free over the Internet is it really free.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts…

    • lgyoder said

      I agree. After some of our discussions on “free” and “open” I don’t have a solid grasp of those concepts either or maybe it’s just one that’s far more . . . open.


  2. Justin Whiting said

    I agree that this is great for publishers and programmers of applications. Not necessarily great for consumers.

    Did you also notice that with the iPhone 4.0 release that will be coming will now include a bunch of ads. That stinks for consumers, but great for businesses.

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