Hot Dogs and iPads

April 15, 2010

I subscribed to the RSS feed for Elliott Masie this week.  According to his site he is: “. . . an internationally recognized futurist, analyst, researcher and organizer on the critical topics of workforce learning, business collaboration and emerging technologies.” According to Dr. Curtis Bonk he is an “elearning guru” and gets 8 mentions in his The World is Open book.

His learning center was just about the only place I found solid information on online learning when I started researching it in 2000 and 2001. It was someone from his center who very kindly answered an email I sent for advice on where does one go to learn about how to do online learning well. IU was in their top three list (the others were Boise State and Florida State). It’s what brought me to IU so they have a soft spot in my heart.

The first article to arrive on my iGoogle page RSS feed from Learning TRENDS was both entertaining and thought provoking, though very short. It came out of a conversation Masie had with a hot dog vendor near his home so I want to share it with you.

NYC Hot Dog Vendor iPad Ideas



4 Responses to “Hot Dogs and iPads”

  1. Cyndi said

    I found the Hot Dog vendor iPad article very interesting. We all think of a new tool from our own perspectives and needs. As the hot dog vendor the first thing on his list was having the ability to order more buns and hot dogs on demand – makes sense if you are a hot dog vendor.

    When new technology is brought into our school district I’m often asked “what are you going to do with that” or “how are you going to use that”? When what they really mean is show me how I can use this new tool in a meaningful way and not feel like I am wasting my time learning. Tall orders since what may be meaningful to one person isn’t all meaningful to another. Much like the hot dog vendor.

    You are right, it was thought provoking – thanks!

  2. Diane said

    I’m glad to hear IU was mentioned in their top 3. When I attended the eLearning convention I was a little disappointed that they didn’t mention IU’s IST program. They did talk about Florida State… maybe because the convention was in Orlando. 🙂

    • Cyndi said

      Yes, I was glad to see IU mentioned too. I always tell people interested in the program that it is well respected nationally so it’s nice to see yet another mention 🙂

  3. blackwatertown said

    Yes that was an interesting piece about the hotdog seller.

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